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Michael Bickerton By Michael Bickerton

May 23, 2012

Social Media is very big space; we count the big five for business as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Slide Share. That being said, Google+ can’t be over looked long term.

Our view of social media is that it is a pointer, or driver to your website - your website being the hub of your business. Social has its role in brand building - maintaining a presence, interaction, visibility and conversation, which can take place on your social networks.  Our exclusively developed Social Media Marketing program builds out opt-in email addresses as well as builds both Facebook LIKES and Twitter FOLLOWERS.

As with SEO, every marketing program needs to define objectives, set goals and work towards a desired or specific outcome. SMO is not just about changes to your website, but content (yes back to content), submitting relevant content and or links to your websites content is critical to managing your social media marketing and building your brand awareness.

Social Media Marketing is personal.  Keeping that in mind, you need to ensure you have someone who is a true fan, a loyal follower and more importantly you require someone in the planning phase that really understands your business.

Social Media is a two way street, it’s a conversation.  There has to be some specific and tangible value to your friends, LIKES and followers. Social Media Marketing is a long-term process as well; similarly to SEO results take time. One friend or fan at a time is the goal. Don’t count on your program going "viral". It’s our recommendation that the word “viral” shouldn’t even be considered as a viable option.

As with all good marketing, your social media marketing needs to be unique, different and memorable. Keep in mind that this space is ever changing as well; Facebook’s new timeline has some added benefits to advertisers, yet it is to be determined how the users ultimately embrace this new format.

Michael Bickerton, Raven5 Ltd, Toronto, April 2012


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