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Michael Bickerton By Michael Bickerton

Nov 11, 2010

Is video an effective advertising media? Not only is it effective, it’s really effective.

YouTube is blowing up with viewership, it's number 3 on the most accessed websites list, behind both Facebook and Google

This is a tad dated in our world of instant access and instant information, but according to the Online Publishers Association back in 2007, there was a lift in every area of marketing actions between 1 % and 7% across 8 measured actions.

Huge - a 7% lift from video, that’s right and that’s why it's effective. The actions were noted as follows, after watching a video versus online news versus newspaper sites.

Visit the website – lift 5%

Searched for info – lift 1%

Clicked on banner ad – lift 5%

Talked to friends – lift 4%

Go to store – lift 7%

Request info – lift 5%

Product trial – lift 3%

Called toll free – lift 4%

Big variances, and the cost of video today is a fraction of what it was a decade ago. Proof, go to YouTube, you’ll find video everywhere. A more current stat from the OPA says that 7 in 10 adults have used the Internet to watch or download video (pegged at 69%).

As your digital agency, we recommend you embrace video.  Remember, our goal is to assist you in selling your product or building your brand …  video is really effective in assisting you in reaching new heights!

Michael Bickerton, Raven5 Ltd, November 2010

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